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Published: 21st July 2010
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When it comes to specialty wools, there are a few types that everyone seems to know, such as cashmere and alpaca.  They appear to be the trendiest with the luxury shoppers and for a long time, they been linked with luxury fashion. But there is another type of "refine" wool I would like to shed light on, the Angora Wool.

I am very lucky since I have the opportunity to "play" in both the manufacture and the retail floor of our store. This allows me to observe certain fads and particularities there are in the luxury fashion industry. As a result, I have observed that when it comes to wool coats, Angora outsells any other type of specialty wool. In our business, it would be safe to say that our Angora women's wool coats represent almost 50% of our women's coat business. When you take a closer look at the features Angora provides, it is easy to recognize why.

Angora wool, is in fact a mixture of wools that are blended together to make it more durable and subtle. The key element however, is provided by the Angora rabbit. The Angora rabbit generates a brand of wool that is incredibly soft and light, and resulting in article of clothing extremely comfortable. From my perspective, the significant difference between angora and cashmere is how they cope with the rain or snow. Angora wools will not give a unsual odor when damp. In addition, we noticed that our angora wool coats retain their brilliance much longer than other types of wool coats. We can see Angora wool coats that are 10 years old are still beautiful, of course they have the be properly maintained to keep their splendor. Next time you are in the market for a wool coat, do not forget to look at angora wools, you might be very impressed.

This commentary was produced by Dino Karatzios who is a 3rd generation furrier. He learned the professionfrom his Father (Dimitrios who is the actual master furrier) and has been working in the industry from a very young age. You can say that furs andfashion outerwear is practically in his blood. For more information regarding furs, leathers or specialty wools, please feel free to contact Dino at Frank's Furs and Fashions (

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